The Great Peanut Oil Debate – Part 1

Lately, I’ve been told that peanut oil does not cause allergic reactions that it is the protein inside the peanut that does.  I would have brushed this off as an ignorant comment had I not heard it on several different occasions.

The first time I heard this was 5 years ago in Asheville, NC while my in-laws were visiting.  We took them out to eat at this awesome local burger spot in the heart of downtown.  As we were perusing the menu my mother-in-law (has a food allergy to all legumes including peanuts and beans) noticed that everything was fried in peanut oil.  We immediately asked the server if this was true.  He brought back the chef, who tried to tell us that my mother-in-law was safe to eat the oil as it does not carry as many allergens and those cook out anyway.  We chose to eat somewhere else just to be safe and because we thought he was loony.

As time has passed, this has happened in several other instances where people swear that there is no relation to the allergen in peanut oils.  But I always ask, if it’s not an issue then why do you put a notice on your menus?  So far, I have not received an answer.

What baffles me more are the reactions I have witnessed.  In my son, DR’s first two reactions to peanuts it was because he ingested them.  It was very easy to identify the cause.  In his more recent reactions though, it was only found that his reactions were due to being touched by someone who had eaten or touched peanuts earlier in the day.  So when people touch peanuts and peanut products are they not carrying around the oils from those products?  Is that not what caused his reactions?

Because I am afraid of the careless, ignorant, and uneducated actions of other, I am currently researching this issue and will present my findings in part 2 of this blog post.



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