The sister-hood of mother-hood

As we have repeated throughout several of our posts, living with a food allergy is mentally and emotionally trying, difficult, and draining.   The main point of this blog, though, is to connect and create companionship for any mother having to deal with a child’s food allergy.

Meal-planning, grocery-shopping, budgeting are all chores that some adult member of the household must do, so that the family can eat.  These are often not events that you think to invite your friends along, especially if you are a food-allergy mom.  This part of dealing with food allergies can be very time consuming and very lonely.

It doesn’t have to be.  All those hours you pour over recipes and meal plans to come up with just one weeks worth of ideas, those 3+ hours spent in the grocery store scanning every ingredient list two or three times, and the countless recalculations of your budget to ensure you can afford all the peanut, tree nut, egg, milk, soy, and corn-free alternatives without having to take out a second mortgage, do not have to be done alone.  In fact, if we moms come together and share our meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, and budgeting saving secrets, then life with food allergies would be much more bearable.

If it wasn’t for my rapport with Hope – our text message successes when we find a new budget-friendly alternative, pinterest recipe, or just a kind stranger with sympathy for our struggle –  then I’m not sure how I could make it. The countless support groups available to moms both in person and online are amazing and something to be celebrated, especially in a world that is so accessible yet isolating in social media.

The issue of food allergies should never make anyone feel alone.  It is such a common occurrence nowadays, that everyone should have someone to talk to.  If you ever feel like you are alone, then please, know you’re not.  Hope and I are here for you, if no one else is. We would love the opportunity to add you to our umbrella of moms.  After all, mother-hood is only an extension of the sister-hood of life.


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