There’s something itchy going on…. – Part 2

As you may recall in my previous post The beginning: a very good place to start – part 1, DR had developed a little rash that we were not concerned about.  That quickly changed.

We got home on Monday, and his rash continued to worsen.  We had seen this many times before, and from our experience his eczema had just been triggered. We followed our eczema medication protocol Monday night, and when he woke up Tuesday it seemed to be resolving.  That is until his daycare called me Tuesday afternoon.  He had woken up from nap-time red, itchy, and covered in hives.  I called my sister-in-law and she picked up his prescription antihistamine and took it to daycare to give him.   His hives started to go away.  We continued medicating him until Wednesday afternoon when his hives completely disappeared.  Knowing too well how his eczema flares after a reaction, we continued to treat his eczema.


Relieved that he was better, we looked for the source of the hives.  After finding no known exposure to or ingestion of eggs and peanuts, we attributed his reaction to a possible contact reaction.  That was until the same thing happened again on Sunday, the next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.   Each reaction was during a different time of day, at a different location, sometimes before a meal, sometimes after.  His hives also started in different areas each time.  We were baffled and would treat it like we were taught, constantly terrified he would have more serious symptoms.

During that we week we called our pediatrician and our allergist’s offices trying to get him checked out.  Our allergist was on vacation and we were scheduled to see her 2 weeks later on August 5th.  Our pediatrician was also on vacation, and we could only get in to see the nurse practitioner at the end of the week.   After his 4th hive outbreak and what felt like hundreds of calls from me, the allergist’s office said they could get us in with another doctor that Thursday.

We were hopeful for some answers and relief, but we could have never predicted what would happen next.


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