Food Allergy Burn Out

I’ve been MIA on the blog lately and if I’m being honest I’ve kind of just been in my own little bubble for awhile…I sometimes get so bogged down with decision fatigue that I literally shut down and shut everyone out. I’m exhausted and burnt out with trying to find alternatives, new recipes, safe foods that are REALLY safe and having so many recipes that I try just flop that I’ve even stopped experimenting with baking. Baking is my happy place and I hate it right now. I make banana and applesauce bread in my bread maker a few times a week for breakfast and that’s it…

I’m burnt out from reading labels, making sure no one tries to feed or touch MH at church dinners, wiping my kids down basically from head to toe after eating anywhere away from home, explaining MH’s allergies to at least 5-10 people about 3 times per week and just ALWAYS BEING ON GUARD.

I’m mentally exhausted and I just want to quit…BUT I am a food allergy mom and quitting IS NOT an option. I will not quit protecting my child.


She’s come too far to have me throw in the towel. I will continue to read every label, wipe down all five of my amazing kiddos after they eat anything away from home, I will keep telling people as often as I need to about why they can’t give her that treat or this piece of candy. I will stay away from restaurants and as many food centered activities for a little while longer and I’ll get better. No matter how burnt out or mentally exhausted I am I will always snap out of it and protect my child. My love for baking will hopefully return and maybe this stage of food allergy mom grief will pass me by pretty soon…but for now I’ll keep my brave face plastered on and keep on going. I’m a mom and that’s just what we do! 😊


4 thoughts on “Food Allergy Burn Out

  1. Dear Hope – great blog. I think it’s important to retreat from the world sometimes. In order to look after our children we must look after ourselves. I hear you about the checking, the baking etc etc…but we just pick ourselves up and keep going. If you haven’t had much time to yourself lately, try very hard to get some. It may feel selfish but it’s actually self-care and self-preservation. Pick up a book, make something, sit in silence. Whatever it is you need to rejuvenate – do that. Take care of yourself, Emma (Allergy Kids WA)


  2. Hey Hope, I was wondering if there’s anything practical I could do to encourage you? Please don’t read this as pressure to blog- because I TOTALLY get it (I’m in the middle of “AAAAAAAHHHH winter is coming soon and I want to have all these things prepared beforehand” mode myself). I was just thinking about you guys today and pray that you are hanging in there 😀

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    • Thank you so much! I’m doing better. Life with my crew is crazy on top of crazy most of the time 😉 But I’m used to crazy. My wheels have actually been attempting to turn lately and I think I’m going to post a new recipe soon. I’m enjoying baking a bit more but I’m relying a lot on safe convenience foods right now with our homeschool year in full swing. She’s only had a couple reactions since June and they weren’t severe. I don’t know what caused them. I’m staying vigilant! I really appreciate your prayers and your support! Lacey and I both do!

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