I am not new to allergies. When I was little I had a few severe reactions to grapes, a few small reactions to popular antibiotics and I am still very allergic to cats. I grew out of my other allergies. It was never a big deal when I was a kid so I was not prepared for how my life was about to change after I became a mother. My journey as an allergy mom did not start with only food allergies. My journey started with my second oldest son, Z.
I have five amazing kiddos, three of which have or have had food allergies of different severities and very different reactions. Z is my sweet, slow and steady boy. He was the easiest of all of my babies and instantly took breastfeeding by storm. My first son had a lot of complications with breastfeeding and wasn’t able to. I was thrilled to have Z take to me so easily. Then we noticed instead of having normal movements that he would go 3-4 days without having even one poopy diaper. The first many rounds of doctors appointments didn’t help. After four months with no answers and him going up to nine days without having a dirty diaper I was told to stop breastfeeding and to try soy formula. It worked! I was so happy to have a baby that could poop regularly and go an entire day without terrible gas! Then three weeks later he started having the exact same issues as before. After three more months of trying EVERYTHING we finally got our answer!!!

Milk protein allergy.

His body could not digest milk proteins. So he had to be put on a very special formula until he was 18months old and couldn’t have any dairy until after he was 3. In the middle of all of that he also had very severe environmental allergies. He would break out in hives and have horrible asthma attacks any time he came into contact with cats, cat hair, horses, certain plants, dust, and so on. The list is very long. So my first four years of motherhood were a whirlwind! It was spent getting answers for Z and keeping him away from things and foods that would harm him, enjoying having two sweet boys who were only 17 months apart and best friends and having my sweet daughter MB come along. After Z turned 3 his milk protein allergy vanished and I no longer had to worry about ingredient lists for him. Little did I know that this part of my life was really easy compared to what was to come.