About the Moms of From Soup to Nuts

This blog was started to document the lives of moms who have children with food allergies.  If you would like to submit an experience of your own email us at fromsouptonutsallergyfree@gmail.com.  It is advised that in your submission, you do not use your child’s full/real name.

Lacey W. is the mother to two beautiful boys DR and JN.  DR is a vivacious 3 year old who has experienced many medical issues since birth.  Many issues like eczema were discovered to be caused by food allergies to eggs and peanuts.  JN, a laid-back 1 year old, is essentially the yang to DR’s ying.  While they are undeniably brothers, their experiences and personalities could not be any different.

Hope H.  is the mom equivalent to wonder woman with three boys (J, Z, and D) and two girls (MH and MB).  Three of her five children have experienced food-allergy related issues.  Hope is an amazing cook, house-keeper, and stay-at-home mom.  On top of all of the medical issues and daily life demands, she manages to home-school.

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